17h / Support independent newspaper Danas for their anniversary event

Location: Center for cultural decontamination, Birčaninova 21

18h / Registration of participants

Location: Municipality of Stari grad, Makedonska 42

19h / Opening, Welcoming address

19:15h / Panel discussion One region, the same fight

Authoritarian tendencies, through the accumulation of power in the hands of a small group of people, the fall in citizens` participation in public affairs, the narrowing of media freedom and the privatization of public resources are common neuralgic points of all the countries of the former Yugoslavia. The countries that are now called the region of Southeast Europe.

On this panel we want to find the answers to the following questions:

Is it possible to find a link between local movements and organizations that, each in its own community and independently of the other, work very similar, if not the same thing, trying to restore the captured cities and states to those to whom they belong – citizens?

Are those the new political forces and newspapers of a different region?

Participants are the representatives of political organizations and initiatives from Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, and North Macedonia.  

22: 30h / Cocktail party

Location: Sprat, Cetinjska 15

10h / Tours and guided tours of the city (prior registration is required – you will also find more info there)

  1. Belgrade on two wheels
  2. Workers’ Museum Trudbenik
  3. Kaludjerica
  4. Activists’ view on Belgrade Waterfront
  5. Block brother Brooklyn
  6. Museum of Yugoslavia

Location: check when you register

16h / Join us for lunch!

Location (whole day): Dorcol Platz, Dobracina 59b

17:00h / Panel discussion: “Municipalism is the new strength of Europe”

The trend of the growing popularity of local political movements is spreading across Europe. From Barcelona, ​​Madrid, through Naples, Berlin to Zagreb, organizing at the local community level, neighborhood, block, municipality, and the city is one of the responses to rising populism, nationalism and extremism.

On this panel, we will have the opportunity to hear more about the phenomenon of municipalism, as well as to find out what  the challenges and the scope of this approach to politics are.

18:30 / Arrival of our friends from Orange Bike Ride

20h / Presentation: Campaign! Campaign! Campaign!

On this interactive presentation, you will have the opportunity to hear more about the inspiring campaigns and successes of civic movements from more than 10 cities across Europe!

Join us to jointly look at the power of united citizens and the struggle for a society with more justice and solidarity.

22h CONCERT – Gipsy Mafia + Crvi + Skrech Majstor Ljuban

11-14h / Practical workshops in several places in the city (prior registration required)

  1. Cryptoparty
  2. Advocating for LGBT+ rights in Belgrade:
    Bypassing institutions for the sake of the improvement
  3. Right to water

Location: check when you register

15h / Join us for lunch!

Location (until 20h) : Culture Center Grad, Brace Krsmanovic 4

16h / Panel discussion: Feminisation of politics – equality is much more than quota

In this panel, we will be introduced to the practices of civil movements in Europe, in achieving equality between women and men, as well as implementing a different policy that transforms the power structures in our society.

18h / Civic Front: A New Political Hope

In this special, final part of the conference, we will talk about the local struggles that mobilized and inspired thousands of citizens to go out on the streets and oppose to taking the cities away from their hands.

Come and see the symbols of the struggle of this new political power in Serbia firsthand and meet the Civic Front!

20h / Opening of the exhibition Three UNESCO Cities Under Attack + DJ set

An exhibition of activist and documentary photography of the historical places under the UNESCO protection (Split, Dubrovnik and Trogir), which presents the experiences of living in monuments between the three environments, and their devastation by exploitation for the purpose of mass tourism. The exhibition was initiated and photographs were made and collected by members of local associations and initiatives. At the same time, some of them are residents of these cities with many years of experience in either civil, scientific or institutional fields.

Location: Ostavinska galerija, Kraljevica Marka 8